Sugar free

Convenient packaging

5 sticks of energy

Rapid effects of caffeine

The stunning result

For Sport

energy for the whole day!

For best results!


Revvies are an ultrathin mouth strip containing 40 mg of caffeine. This small format provides athletes, students and busy people with the ability to have a fast, convenient, sugar-free caffeine boost with them at all times. The 5-pack fits any pocket, purse, gym bag or glovebox, avoiding the need to queue every time you need a caffeine hit.

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Strip dissolves language within 30-40 seconds. Perfect solution when you do not have time to make a stop.


Packaging has a convenient size and design that allows you to store them in a convenient place for you. Ease and speed of use allows not do unnecessary stops!

Cheaper than coffee

Cost of product per serving times lower than a cup of coffee. Save your time and your money with Revvies

It has low calorie

Unlike many caffeinated drinks or coffees such as latte, Revvies is less than 1 calorie. Just do not contain sugar!

Our history

Once upon a time there was an Aussie couple who lived and worked in London They loved the city, worked hard, played hard, exercised hard and like anyone living in a big city were always very busy and tired. They loved caffeine… But not in big hits and not with loads of sugar. THEY HATED QUEUES! And getting to the gym and realizing they’d forgotten to have a coffee 20 minutes ago…

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We all know how hard it is to be energetic, to end all cases work and perform daily domestic duties at home

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Many sports supplements can provide you with caffeine, but often in their composition are either calories or liquid

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Energy Revvies lozenges are faster than coffee and easier to use when you're fully immersed in your job

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